PhD - Interactions in Information Spread

PhD manuscript, 2022. G. Poux-Médard

Since the invention of writing 5~000 years ago, textual information data flows got generated at...

2 minute read

tutorial - Dirichlet-Point processes

INRIA (Lille), 2022. G. Poux-Médard

Presentation at the INRIA of Lille (MODAL team): some perspectives on Dirichlet-Point processes. The slides...

1 minute read

article - Interactions in Information Spread

TheWebConf - Companion proceedings (PhD symposium), 2022. G. Poux-Médard

Large quantities of data flow on the internet. When a user decides to help the...

1 minute read

lecture - L3 - Artificial intelligence (21h)

Université Lyon 2, 2021.

Lecture given to L3 students. Introduction to inference-based and rule-systems coding using CLIPS. CLIPS is...

1 minute read