Properties of Reddit News Topical Interactions
An output of the proposed approach – A set of inferred topics along with their associated intantaneous probability to trigger an observations in other topics

Properties of Reddit News Topical Interactions

2022, Nov 07    

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Most models of information diffusion online rely on the assumption that pieces of information spread independently from each other. However, several works pointed out the necessity of investigating the role of interactions in real-world processes, and highlighted possible difficulties in doing so: interactions are sparse and brief. As an answer, recent advances developed models to account for interactions in underlying publication dynamics. In this article, we propose to extend and apply one such model to determine whether interactions between news headlines on Reddit play a significant role in their underlying publication mechanisms. After conducting an in-depth case study on 100,000 news headline from 2019, we retrieve state-of-the-art conclusions about interactions and conclude that they play a minor role in this dataset.


Properties of Reddit News Topical Interactions
G. Poux-Médard, J. Velcin, S. Loudcher, Complex Networks and their Applications, 2022

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-031-21127-0_2